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Having an accurate and comprehensive understanding of your security situation is vital to the operation of your organization. Assessing and mitigating risk factors is the cornerstone of developing an effective security plan that is far reaching and flexible enough to adapt with your goals and priorities.

A thorough and proactive approach saves time and money. One Security Group uses a comprehensive customized auditing process to evaluate risks and vulnerabilities while addressing factors unique to your operations. Through our experience and training we are able to identify and address issues others may miss, effectively reducing liability, safeguarding lives and securing crucial operations, property, and assets.

We work with you to develop an effective security plan based on accurate risk assessment, intelligence, and surveillance/counter-surveillance. We incorporate contingency procedures for threats and natural disasters, as well as emergency preparedness measures and implement appropriate solutions to address your situation effectively. We understand that your operations are crucial, and respect your necessity to continue operations normally during security implementation.

One Security Group is committed to providing you with an honest, straight-forward, and accurate understanding of your security situation, providing the most appropriate and professional solutions at a fair cost, and keeping you appraised of all developments at all times – both initially and at an ongoing basis.

Security Consulting
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